「212MAG」 New issue & Back issue !!

Posted: 02.25.2010, by SHAPES


「212 MAG」 issue19 “Bed-Stuy” ~Deli&Grocery~」 ¥800-


212MAGより新刊issue19が到着、今回はBrooklyn Hiphop holy groundである”Bed-Stuy”がSpot。


NY Street Styleを感じることができるかと・・・



そして完売していたBack issue、ひっそりと6シリーズまとめて入荷中・・・


issue18 ”STREET” ¥680-                                     issue17 “SUBWAY” ¥680-


issue16 “NEW YORK” ¥680-                                    issue15 “HARLEM” ¥680-


issue14 “LOWER EAST SIDE” ¥680-                      issue13 “THE BRONX” ¥680-


About 212MAG…

212.MAG borned from the desire that it wanted to tell “Real Style of New York” to Japanese people.

After that, the editor in chief oneself has gone to NY every issue, catch “New York” by original eyes, It is told directly through the photograph.

It aim at media that can tell “Culture” “Street” and “People’s livings” that exists in the background at the same time as telling the Real Street Style.

And 212.MAG is an 120% independent magazine that doesn’t rely on the capital.

voice by TETS

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